Water displacement

This exploration is about dealing with floods on my school campus (not the whole campus, but only one area). Well it sounds interesting, I was so interested at first when I heard that I’m in that exploration, It’s is interesting but our facilitator has no idea about engineering, he is a communicator, So I can’t blame him and I feel bad for him, It’s was hard to explain him the concept of what we wanted to do, cause he really don’t understand what we talking about, but I know his idea was not bad either, but he doesn’t knows how to explain. Other from that I learn a lot actually, working in this engineering field, we’re working with a big field and with water, I’ll be honest I never working on this big project before, to be honest again, I can say that there aren’t much engineering to do with it, it just use some problem solving skill to solve the water flooding in our campus. After this round of exploration, It really gave me motivation to do more engineering projects. It just makes me shaking for more engineering projects.

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