VIP Modification

This Exploration is not about any change it just about, renew the VIP room in my school. The new VIP room is in the process of making it. In the VIP room there are Trophy, Book that we created, 3D map of our school, school product, and our school picture. Before we create a new 3D map of our school we need to learn the software call Blender, for me working on Blender is ok because I have work on it for 2 and a half year, and this is the model I have make.

GARC Robotic in China

On March 2019, I have selected to join a robotic competition in China call GARC, (I forgot the full word). The Competition was tough, I said tough because the rule of the competition is really hard to do it. My team have four people, we work together really well but sometime we argue a lot because sometime we have different idea to build the robot but however it not break us apart. On the day of competition we don’t if we lost or win but the only thing our point is -148 (negative 148) because if we don’t finish the mission they will add the full score and minus our score. After the competition we have a great time there with other people from other country. 


We also have a Video: Link here

Cambodian Youths Outdoor Leadership

This project is about us (Liger student) going to give a government student a experience about going outdoor, This project is not about going to play outside and take selfie, play around, sleep in good hotel and stuff we go and experience the outside environment Ex: sleep in tent, cook our own food, hike the mountain and more. We did contact to an organization called Kape, we did a trip to Kampong Cham which Kape located, We plan to do a workshop with them about the project but We decide not to do a workshop with them but play some game with them to introduce us to them, The thing when well everything when well and we came back. Back to our school we did pick the student that participate the most and plan to do the work shop, But this plan is still planing, the project is not end yet and we still working on it, We about to go to Oral for our pre-trip. Overall, our plan is still going, had a plan to go to a pre-trip on 18-20/11/2019 for prepare for the organization that we plan with. 

Why are we doing this, because we saw that government school student didn’t the opportunity to go out and tracking, what they mostly do is ride a car or motorbike to where they want to go, and when they arrive they only eat there and come back without camping and stuff, So we want the new generation like us to experience the outdoor environment, so they have an idea of going out to camp.

Mission Statement

To empower Cambodian youth to be outdoor leaders and environmental stewards by introducing them to natural spaces, raising awareness of conservation threats, and nurturing the passion and skills needed to positively impact their communities.

FLL Competition

On 12 march 2019 my team been to Singapore to Join FLL Competition. Is my first time on a plane, after we arrived Singapore at 4 pm which is 3 pm in Cambodia, our teacher drop us at our host family. My host family was very friendly, they have 1 son and 1 daughter, they was 7 and 5 year old. On 13 march we (my team) went to the school that where we join the competition. The school name is CIA, the school was big, 13 is not our day to compete so we were look around what are they doing how do they compete the robot and to know the school well because we can get lost in that school cause is so big.

On 14 march is our compete day, our time to compete is around 2:00 to 2:40 pm. We were all nervous because there is a lot of team that we need to compete with and we need to present to the Judge, but it went really well on our presentation the Judge love it, on the robot performance my team robot doesn’t work, we only get about 16 to 15 which is very low the point when we practice at school is 166 to 170. It was very disappointed I was so sad on that day. After the competition I didn’t do anything else just go back home get dinner and sleep.

On 15 march, our teacher took us to downtown to just to release our stress, we saw a lot of thing, we saw a giant tree but not a real tree, we saw a floating baby statue, and more. In the afternoon Bopha host family invite us to go to his work, he work in Cloudera, Cloudera is just google drive, it keep data in cloud. One thing we wouldn’t believe  that we been to the final both team. 

On the final day they they lead us upstairs to their basketball court, there were 120 team from different school include us. One fact, we are the only team from Cambodia. They give us two practice round and three round for the final, but only one round is used to compare with other teams. That round is the one that has the most points out of the three final rounds we were given. However on the first two round, my robot didn’t work, but luckily it work on the third round. After the competition round we for 3 hour for the result. When the result come my get one award it call ” Oversea Team Award best performance team” 





Robotic in this is not an advanced one but it a Lego robotic it First Lego league.



This year project is Intorbit which is about space problem.  How the competition work is, they have two sections one is present about the space problem and the solution, and one more fills the mission on board. There is 15 mission on the board, we need to build our robot to solve the mission on the board as many as we can and there are only 2:30 minute. 

Outdoor Leadership

Watch this video to know what is OutDoor Leadership and You also can read my weekly reflections. Link Here


Week 1


This week I have a learn about what is nature and what wilderness. Our teacher had given us a sheet of paper to go and observe nature that what you see outside, what hear, what you learn and write them down the sheet of paper. The teacher also plays an activity like she writes the word and tell us to write something down that you experience with that word. We have learned about wilderness, we have to debate what we think our liger campus is wilderness or no. the last day of this week we had done something call rope and tree scenario together as a team and we did well.


Week 3


This week I have been doing some activities like making a way for our teammate walk throw liger campus. My there are Mony, me, Mariya and Sokheng, our way is to start from the hill and walk throw the campus to the lit studio. Another activity is we have to think about what will happen when we go out on the big trip and how to solve it quickly. The team is the same from the first, it was difficult is time because of it more advanced than the first one.


Week 5


We did go to Mondulkiri for 3 days. The first day we didn’t do anything yet because of it gets dark, we can’t go hike so we cook our food and build a campfire for the rest of the night. The second day what we did it eat our breakfast then we when to the waterfall called ពូទាំងwaterfall. We eat lunch there with an elephant, also we get to test the new soup too. The soup is made out of all vegetable it test very good. We went back and we had our dinner then campfire again. The third day we hike for 6 km to go to the waterfall. There are two waterfalls, one is small and other is big. The big waterfall is interesting because it falls from the high place and at that place is like a water fan because of the water for the waterfall. We went back 6 km again and we did stop and play at the grassland it was fun because we can play hide and seek and also my friends can take a lot of pictures. We didn’t cook our dinner because we were too late for the shop so we went to a restaurant. The restaurant is so slow. In the morning we also buy the breakfast from other people and we head back to liger.

Say No to Single Plastic

Say No to Plastic exploration is for Liger to stop using single-use plastic like a plastic bag, straw, plastic cup, styrofoam, and other things. In the team have 16 members for this exploration, we try to find a way to stop using plastic but it so hard because convince people to stop using something that they use every day is not easy, people are fighting back for using single using plastic. Our group has found some staff to replace the signal-use of plastic such as bioplastic bag, bioplastic straw, stainless steel straw, grass drinking straw, and Fabric. We found bioplastic bags in a website called Only Clenbodai. This is some picture that we have.