Khmer round 2

In this round in khmer class, my teacher let us watch movie and read a story together. The movie that we watch is call ទឺកចិត្តឪពុក, the movie is about how the different between a good father and a bad father and how the good father take care of his children.

The book is call កុលាបបៃលិន​, teacher let us read together and also teacher chose some of our friends to be the character in the story. In that story, the main character is ចៅចិត្រ​ and ឃុននារី.​ This book is written by ញុកថែម. Here is the link if you want to read this book.


In Multimedia round two I have learned about Pixar story structure. This Pixar story structure is for writing for storytelling and also to make the story more interesting for the reader to read. Here my story  

Once Upon a time, there was a family live on an island in the middle of the ocean. In the island, there are water, food and, everything that family needs. Every day a man always work on his farm with his wife. One day he saw a big fire fall into his farm, he doesn’t even know what it was, but he went to see it and, it was a big piece of metal, it was hot. Because of that, he took a hammer and start breaking it down to a small piece, so that he can sell it to get money. Because of that and an alien come and tell him that it is my spaceship. Until finally he takes that spaceship to sell with an alien

I know that they had learned about the camera but I’m not at school because I’d gone to Mondulkiri.


My math workbook is nearly ended now. This round is learned about geometry. In geometry, we learn about an area of the square, rectangle, triangle, and parallelogram. I also learn about the perimeter of though thing too.  I also learn the surface area of square and rectangle.




Round 2 Stem is learned about the periodic table and chemical bonding. Let me tell you about the periodic table, the periodic table was created by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 in Russia. His periodic table is arranged by atomic mass (because that time there are know the atomic number) this is how the old periodic table look.





New periodic table the is arranged by atomic number. The new table looks fancier than the old one it has color and it easy. Here is the new one.






Chemical bonding is the force of attraction between atoms or ions that occurs when atoms share or transfer valence electrons. There is two type of chemical bonding, Ionic bonding, Covenlen bonding and, Metallic bonding.

Ionic bonding: Ionic bonding is transformed electron from one element to another element to make it stable.   

Covenlen bonding: Covenlen bonding is to share the electron from one element to another element to make it stable.

Metallic Bonding: A metallic bond is the force of attraction between a positive metal ion and the valence electrons it shares with other ions of the metal.


Multimedia is a study about the technology, design and, coding. This is round 1 of Multimedia, this round is talk about some of this know how to use Adobe programme and research skill. My teacher had given me and my class a work to make a PDF from what I research. 

Say No to Single Plastic

Say No to Plastic exploration is for Liger to stop using single-use plastic like a plastic bag, straw, plastic cup, styrofoam, and other things. In the team have 16 members for this exploration, we try to find a way to stop using plastic but it so hard because convince people to stop using something that they use every day is not easy, people are fighting back for using single using plastic. Our group has found some staff to replace the signal-use of plastic such as bioplastic bag, bioplastic straw, stainless steel straw, grass drinking straw, and Fabric. We found bioplastic bags in a website called Only Clenbodai. This is some picture that we have.

Changing Cambodia

This is year 2 at Liger and I have done some changing in Liger. This year I have 5 explorations that the last exploration is the one that makes Liger change. The exploration that I working on it now is Composting. How I change my school by doing compost is from past in Liger there is a lot of waste from the kitchen but after for a few weeks that I and my team do compost, the waste in the kitchen is low down from 80% of the main building to 40% or 50%. My team also find the way to get Liger to be plastic free and we have found the place where the plastic came from. The big pieces of the plastic is come from the snake seller and from the student, when student go to buy the snake, after they buy a snake they use a lot of plastic to take there snake home. Our solution is to tell them if they have the eco bag or the bag that not a plastic and take it to buy snake it also help to low the plastic too, my team also make a bag from fabric to give to all of our friends in liger.

How I change Cambodia by doing compost is my group start from my school and if out it work on our school, we will make the village around our school to be plastic free too. I want them to change by try to use less plastic bag and reuse some staff that they can use it again. My idea to change is to make a factory that take a broken staff and fix all of them to sell it again. If I can will show them about the video that the plastic effect to life or I will show the experiment to the villager to let them know the effect. The villager there would do for the first year because they don’t have a choice to use but it will work the change is need to take time.

The problem that villager do is they take the plastic and burn it so really effect. This is the real effect the air because the smoke get to the air and the people breath the people will get toxin because the smoke carry over 4000 chemical that make people get toxins. So my solution to reduce it is to tell them to keep it in one place or reuse until it broke. For the seller, they should the take less than 50 plastic to there store. This is will help a lot.  


In Khmer class teacher told us to write a poem about anything you want, but in Khmer because of it Khmer class. My teacher has divided a group for us to write a poem, in my group there me, Huykea, Panharith, and Narak. My team have three poem 1 is about education, 2 is about beer and the last is about the forest. This is our poem:

បទ ពាក្យប្រាំពីរ

(ការសិក្សា )

បើយើងនៅក្មេងត្រូវសិក្សា                   មិនត្រូវជក់ម៉ាខូចអនាគត

ខំប្រឹងសិក្សាយ៉ាងមេោះមុត                  ត្រូវតែអត់ធ្មត់ទៅសាលា

ត្រូវមានចរិតល្អស្លូតបូ ត                         ខំប្រឹងរៀនសូត្រធ្វើកិច្ចការ

ពួកយើងត្រូវរៀនទាំងសញ្ញា                   ឲ្យមានប្រាជ្ញាល្អបវរ

បើសិក្សាគណិតវិទ្យា                                  កំុលួចមើលគ្នាត្រូវស្មោះសរ

វាជារឿងមួយដែលមិនល្អ                         មិនគួរបង្កជម្លេាះឡើយ

ពេលគ្រូនិយាយយើងត្រូវស្តាប់               ខំប្រឹងឈោងចាប់មុនស្តាយក្រោយ

បើយើងចាប់បានហើយចេះឆ្លើយ        បើមានចម្លើយវានឹងល្អ

រៀនទាំងអង់គ្លេសហើយនិងខ្មែរ           ជាខ្មែរត្រូវថែដោយស្មោះសរ

កំុឲ្យជាតិផ្សេងថាមិនល្អ                           ខំទាំងបវរដើម្បីជាតិ

បើមិត្តមិនចេះត្រូវចេះជួយ                      ត្រូវឪ្យជំនួយមិនគិតមាឌ

ត្រូវខិតខំជួយមិនឪ្យឃ្លាត                        ត្រូវមានមារយាទដូចកូនខ្មែរ

បទ ពាក្យប្រាំពី


ពីដើមគ្មានទេថាសុរា                                 វាគ្មានផ្លែផ្កាឲ្យយើងទេ

ស្រវឹងកាលណាកំុជេរគេ                             ប្រយត្ន័ម៉ែគេវៃឈឺខ្លួន

ផឹកស្រវឹងហើយនាំមានទុក្ខ                     បុកគេចូលគុកទើបភ្ញាក់ខ្លួន

គោរពញាតិមិត្តទើបសមសួន                 ដើរលេងក្នុងសួនល្អជាងស្រា

បើស្រវឹងហើយកំុបើកបរ                          បើដួលបាក់កនឹងអនិច្ចា

សុរាមិនអាចទៅចរចា                              នៅពេលផឹកស្រាបានទាំងអស់

ភាវៈមួយឈ្មោះថាសុរា                                 មានតែជាតិផ្សាកាត់ដាច់អស់

បើនៅតែផឹកក៏ផឹកចុះ៎                          ហើយវានឹងខ្សោះអស់ខ្លួនប្រាណ

ផឹកដាក់ដបហើយនៅមិនឆ្ងាញ់             ផឹកមិនឲ្យចាញ់ទើបវាបាន

ផឹកឡើងប្រមឹកមិនប្រមាណ                   ផឹកឡើងឆ្កួតប្រាណខូចពេញខ្លួន

ផឹកស្រាច្រើនពេកឡើងចេញក្អួត           ផឹកហើយនៅអួតអំនួតខ្លួន

ផឹកស្រាអស់បីហើយនិងបួន                    ផឹកទាំងត្រកួនព្រោះវង្វេង

ផឹកស្រាស្រវឹងប្រឹងចូលពេទ្យ                    ផឹកបានមួយភ្លែតពេទ្យហៅគេង

ផឹកស្រវឹងមែនមិនផឹកលេង                   ផឹកស្រាលេងៗវាមិនឆ្ងាញ់

ផឹកស្រាហើយមិនចេះថែខ្លួន                  ផឹកលើសចំនួននៅមិនចាញ់

ផឹកជិតស្លាប់ហើយទើបដឹងចាញ់          ផឹកលែងចង់ឆ្ងាញ់ព្រោះដឹងស្លាប់



ព្រៃឈើមានច្រើននៅក្នុងលោក             ឈើខ្លះលើគោកខ្លះលើទឹក

ឈើយកធ្វើដាវសម្រាប់សឹក                      ឈើខ្លះដាំផឹកជាជំងឺ

ឈើខ្លះគេកាប់ដាច់អស់គល់                    ឈើកាប់អស់ជ្រុលអស់ពន្លឺ

ពេលកាប់អស់ហើយទើបវាឈឺ                  ព្រោះគ្មានពន្លឺដល់ពួកយើង

ឈើមានតម្លៃប្រៀបមិនបាន                  ផ្ដល់ភាពកម្សាន្តឲ្យពួកយើង

ឈើខ្លះមាឌតូចប្រៀបដូចជើង               ធ្វើអុសដុតភ្លើងពេលដាំបាយ

សម័យនេះហើយដែលបាត់បង់                 យកធើ្វសំណង់បានលុយចាយ

មានឈើជាច្រើនបានខ្ចាត់ខ្ចាយ             យកធ្វើជាកាយនៃសត្វធាតុ

បើគ្មានព្រៃឈើគ្មានជម្ររក                       សត្វអស់អីជ្រកគ្មានជីវជាតិ

ឃើញគេកាប់ឈើយ៉ាងគ្រោងគ្រាត          គេគ្មានមាយាទដូចកូនខ្មែរ

កាប់ឈើមិនដឹងថាឈើឈឺ                        កាប់មានជំងឺឈឺដូចឆ្កែ

កាប់ឈើយ៉ាងច្រើនតែមិនកែ                  កាប់ឡើងប៉ែឡែព្រោះចង់មាន

កាប់អស់ព្រែឈើទើបភ្ញាក់ខ្លួន               អស់ព្រៃបីបួននៅមិនអៀន

អ្នកដែលកាប់ឈើមិនដែលរៀន             ថាប្រាក់ដប់លានមិនច្រើនទេ



My math programme is from Singapore and my book call Primary Mathematics 5A. My teacher Sam has tech me about fraction, estimate, multiply, division and, more. I have studied how to solve the word problem with a fraction. The homework for math class is the review from 1 – 6, by one a week. this how my book looks like.



STEM the full meaning of STEM is S stand for science, T stand for technology,  E stands for engineer, and M stands for math but we focus the most on science. I have about earth science, mineral, physical science, Atom. What we learn about earth science is we learn about how the earth was formed and what inside earth. Mineral we have learned about what is mineral, how many minerals is there and how its form. Physical science is a study of matter and energy include physical and chemical. What we learn in atom is we learn what inside atom, what atom make of and how atom form.