Cell, Genetics, Evolution,

This is stem class, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math ( My teacher only teach Science). Anyway, I learn a lot in is round, I have learn about Cell, Genetics, Evolution and etc. let talk about cell, The concept idea of cell is it build up you, in you there are million cell. The four main part of cell is Cell membrane, DNA,  Cytoplasm, Ribosome.  If you really want to know deeper about it I will show you Here, Cell structure, Cell functionCell Division.

Ok let see what is Genetics, Genetics is a code who run inside you, also inside your cell. Genetics also can transfer, like GMO and etc. Link.

Now well come to Evolution, Evolution is when an organism change to a difference organism. How do we know Evolution, we learn evolution from fossil, fossil is what remain from an organism that live early before us. 





This round I learn a lot about PH, so PH is the balance of Acid and Base. An Acid is an ionic compound that produces positive hydrogen ions (H+) when dissolved in water. A Base is an ionic compound that produces negative hydroxide ions (OH) when dissolved in water.                                                               

Acid = HCl−→−H2OH++Cl−                                                                                                   

Base = NaOH−→−H2OOH+Na+

PH are important because many living thing, Example many plant grow best in soil that has a PH between 6 and 7. fish also need a PH close to 7. the neutral of PH is around 7 to 7.5, water is neutral has a PH of 7.


Stem round 3

Stem this round we learn about Carbon. The topic is in Physical Science, in Physical Science we learn in Chemistry of Carbon. I have the property of carbon, a hydrocarbon. We learn what is carbon and where is carbon(fact: most of the thing made out of carbon most of the thing on earth have carbon in).




Round 2 Stem is learned about the periodic table and chemical bonding. Let me tell you about the periodic table, the periodic table was created by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 in Russia. His periodic table is arranged by atomic mass (because that time there are know the atomic number) this is how the old periodic table look.





New periodic table the is arranged by atomic number. The new table looks fancier than the old one it has color and it easy. Here is the new one.






Chemical bonding is the force of attraction between atoms or ions that occurs when atoms share or transfer valence electrons. There is two type of chemical bonding, Ionic bonding, Covenlen bonding and, Metallic bonding.

Ionic bonding: Ionic bonding is transformed electron from one element to another element to make it stable.   

Covenlen bonding: Covenlen bonding is to share the electron from one element to another element to make it stable.

Metallic Bonding: A metallic bond is the force of attraction between a positive metal ion and the valence electrons it shares with other ions of the metal.



STEM the full meaning of STEM is S stand for science, T stand for technology,  E stands for engineer, and M stands for math but we focus the most on science. I have about earth science, mineral, physical science, Atom. What we learn about earth science is we learn about how the earth was formed and what inside earth. Mineral we have learned about what is mineral, how many minerals is there and how its form. Physical science is a study of matter and energy include physical and chemical. What we learn in atom is we learn what inside atom, what atom make of and how atom form.