Modeling & Texturing

I first start 3D modeling in 2017 and now is 2019 it been 2 year for me. For that 2 year I learn and explore how to make this make that until 2019 January I start to make some thing our of what I know. I first try to make something small like a Cup


Low poly house
something glow in the dark
Glass of beer

Something like that not really look interesting because I’m just a beginner. Now I try to make something look more interesting like this

This house I didn’t finish the texture it yet because I just finish modeling. 



This is Call a Toon shader is texture for cartoon example like Spider man in to spider verse texture. 


A good texture also need lighting if our light is not look good our model also not look good. Photorealistic is a lot of work because you need to work on texturing, a realistic texture need normal map, bump map, rough, displasment map, spec map and more that I’m not sure. I’m still learning how to texture for 3d model. 


To understand programming language is not easy. I wouldn’t understand if I’m not practice the programming on something. To make the code work you need to write a lot of function into it such as, for loop, variable, list, dictionary, and etc. Sometime the code is not work properly so you need to find an error and fix that error. Some above that I list is from Python but there are more programming language such as, Java, JavaScript, C++, HTML, CSS, etc. Different program language different function. I have learn two type of python there is python 2 and python 3, the different is :                                                                                 this how python 3 prints function look:   

print ("Hello earth")                                                                                                     

and this how python 2 print function  look like

print "Hello earth"

It a bit confusing sometime but when you do more practice you gonna be better for it. I didn’t try to make game on my own yet but I try to follow there instruction  first  to some python game on this website:

Multimedia Round 3

The topic for this round is coding. The langue that we working on now is Python, we learn it from CodeAcademy and from our teacher Cindy. The code was not so hard but it tricky, the first day of coding is we work on CodeAcademy, then a few weeks my teacher give us a lesson to test where are we now. 



In Multimedia round two I have learned about Pixar story structure. This Pixar story structure is for writing for storytelling and also to make the story more interesting for the reader to read. Here my story  

Once Upon a time, there was a family live on an island in the middle of the ocean. In the island, there are water, food and, everything that family needs. Every day a man always work on his farm with his wife. One day he saw a big fire fall into his farm, he doesn’t even know what it was, but he went to see it and, it was a big piece of metal, it was hot. Because of that, he took a hammer and start breaking it down to a small piece, so that he can sell it to get money. Because of that and an alien come and tell him that it is my spaceship. Until finally he takes that spaceship to sell with an alien

I know that they had learned about the camera but I’m not at school because I’d gone to Mondulkiri.


Multimedia is a study about the technology, design and, coding. This is round 1 of Multimedia, this round is talk about some of this know how to use Adobe programme and research skill. My teacher had given me and my class a work to make a PDF from what I research.