Percentage is % this one if you don’t know that. Percentage I found out that is use full for number like 10% is real money and 90% is fake money of 10,000,000$$, it different from this 1,000,000 is real money and 9,000,000 is fake money of 10,000,000$, see the different. Percentage is use full but also really hard if you solve percentage in word problem.

Math round 3

Math class it just Math class we learn Math in Math class so it not an interesting or amazing event. This round we move to book A5 and we learn about decimal (dividing decimal, multiple decimals, adding and subtracting decimal), also a liter bit of binary number.


My math workbook is nearly ended now. This round is learned about geometry. In geometry, we learn about an area of the square, rectangle, triangle, and parallelogram. I also learn about the perimeter of though thing too.  I also learn the surface area of square and rectangle.




My math programme is from Singapore and my book call Primary Mathematics 5A. My teacher Sam has tech me about fraction, estimate, multiply, division and, more. I have studied how to solve the word problem with a fraction. The homework for math class is the review from 1 – 6, by one a week. this how my book looks like.