Changing Cambodia

This is year 2 at Liger and I have done some changing in Liger. This year I have 5 explorations that the last exploration is the one that makes Liger change. The exploration that I working on it now is Composting. How I change my school by doing compost is from past in Liger there is a lot of waste from the kitchen but after for a few weeks that I and my team do compost, the waste in the kitchen is low down from 80% of the main building to 40% or 50%. My team also find the way to get Liger to be plastic free and we have found the place where the plastic came from. The big pieces of the plastic is come from the snake seller and from the student, when student go to buy the snake, after they buy a snake they use a lot of plastic to take there snake home. Our solution is to tell them if they have the eco bag or the bag that not a plastic and take it to buy snake it also help to low the plastic too, my team also make a bag from fabric to give to all of our friends in liger.

How I change Cambodia by doing compost is my group start from my school and if out it work on our school, we will make the village around our school to be plastic free too. I want them to change by try to use less plastic bag and reuse some staff that they can use it again. My idea to change is to make a factory that take a broken staff and fix all of them to sell it again. If I can will show them about the video that the plastic effect to life or I will show the experiment to the villager to let them know the effect. The villager there would do for the first year because they don’t have a choice to use but it will work the change is need to take time.

The problem that villager do is they take the plastic and burn it so really effect. This is the real effect the air because the smoke get to the air and the people breath the people will get toxin because the smoke carry over 4000 chemical that make people get toxins. So my solution to reduce it is to tell them to keep it in one place or reuse until it broke. For the seller, they should the take less than 50 plastic to there store. This is will help a lot.